Who We Are

Mission Statement
At Oxford Investment Partners our mission is to create value add partnerships and identify real estate investments, create strategies and effectively implement them to generate revenue and achieve stable, consistent return on investment.

We look to find opportunities in growing markets where we can increase the value potential of distressed assets, REO inventory, and underperforming real estate.  We seek to own and operate commercial and residential development opportunities throughout the United States.  Our multipronged strategy, to acquire both undervalued, and underutilized land, is to create return on investment for ourselves, our partners, and our communities.  We seek to add additional value through rezoning, subdividing, assembling, or any other administrative enhancement or capital appreciation.

Vision Statement 
Our Vision is to be a stable, community minded organization that can provide leadership in the marketplace and achieve consistent returns for our investors and our neighbors. We will all efficiently operationalize our strategy by achieving reliable steady return on investment and monetize our assets.Core ValuesWe will strive to grow the business infrastructure and promote a viable diversifiable business model and scale it to other markets.

Fairness – We believe that by working on a fair level with our partners and our communities we can achieve significantly more.  We commit to our word and always shoot to over perform.

Relationships – With a common goal in mind we constantly strive to achieve new goals.

Ethics – We stand by our system of values and principles to perform with character.  We strive to attain consistent results and new business opportunities.

Education – We pride ourselves in our desire to attain new knowledge and seek out opportunities.