The Oxford Team

Our Team

Our expertise in finance, operations, and media allows the Oxford team to flourish in a dynamic marketplace. We are a family with an appetite for success striving to achieve a common goal based on our mission.

Scope & Expertise

Our portfolio companies benefit from our diverse relationships nationally and internationally. Oxford team members have deep-rooted relationships in business and politics allowing access to opportunities that most operators would not normally be aware of. This comprehensive expertise allows Oxford partners to scale in various verticals of the global economy.

Our Performance

Our performance comes from backing passionate and thoughtful founders. We admire those who are not afraid to break with convention and push the limit. We seek, evaluate, and execute on opportunities with a balanced and conservative approach based on sound economics.

  • Oxford’s valued partners can rest assured knowing our investments are all equity projects, meaning there is no risk to their principle.
  • We at Oxford see our investors not just as investors in projects, but as long term partners and as people.
  • We treat our partners the way we want to be treated. There would be no us if there were no you.

The Oxford TEAM

The Oxford team is comprised of accomplished investors, executives and company founders. We do not have employees, we have teammates.

Dmitriy Chebotarev

Dmitriy is the Founder and Manager of the General Partner, Oxford Fund Managers, LLC. Mr. Chebotarev is also the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Oxford Investment Partners, LLC, an Orange County-based real estate, venture capital, and private equity investment company. »Read More

Hunter Slay

Hunter has served as COO of Oxford Investment Partners. As COO and Partner of Oxford, Mr. Slay oversees project schedules to ensure smooth and streamlined operations. As well as project management, Mr. Slay personally underwrites every deal that Oxford takes on. »Read More

Brian Arandez

Brian Arandez Began working with the Oxford Investment Partners executive team in 2015 and officially joined the team in 2017.  Mr. Arandez started his career in 2004 while earning his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, focusing on piloting new software systems  »Read More

Michael Levitin

Mr. Levitin joins Oxford Investment Partners from an extensive background in analytics and finance. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance, with a minor in Mathematics, Economics, and Business Administration from CSU-LA in 2010 and »Read More

Choenho Yeung

Dir. of Business Development
Choenho Yeung joined the Oxford team in 2016 and quickly took the reigns as Director of Business Development. Since 2016 Mr. Yeung has developed strategic partnerships in Southern California, Silicon Valley and East Asia. Born in Hong Kong and »Read More

Patrick O'Donnell

Dir. of Business Relations
Patrick O’Donnell is the Director of Business Relations at Oxford Investment Partners. Since joining the team in 2014 Mr. O’Donnell has played a part in different roles in the company. As Director of Business Relations Mr. O’Donnell underwrites  »Read More

Management Team

Dmitriy Chebotarev  | CEO/Partner
Hunter Slay | COO/Partner
Brian Arandez | Chief Technology Office
Michael Levitin | Chief Financial Officer
Choenho Yeung | Dir. of Bus. Development
Patrick O’Donnell | Dir. of Business Relations

Operators and Advisors

Rob Patrick | Operating Partner
Michael Reynolds | Legal Counsel
Fred Whitaker | Fund Legal Counsel
Dana Haynes | Senior Advisor
Joseph Prevratil | Senior Advisor

Operators and Advisors

Dr. Will Rogers | Senior Advisor
Mark Doddridge | Senior Advisor
Sam Sadat | Senior Advisor
George Garcia | Consultant
Yihong Liu | Consultant

Let’s make something great together.