The Oxford Strategy

Our fundamental strategy is to find motivated highly skilled operators in our sectors of expertise.
Our focus is on revenue generating companies that have broken down the barriers of entry into the market, have established company infrastructure to scale nationally/internationally, and have a clear pathway to liquidity via acquisition, initial public offering (IPO), or initial coin offering (ICO).

By focusing a significant portion of our capital allocation on Seed+ and Series A companies we
maximize our possibility of above average returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our mission is to make a positive change in the world by investing in one company at a time. We employ a hands-on operating strategy by using our vast network to assist our operating partners with strategic operations milestones.

Value Add

Oxford Investment Partners firmly believes that our contribution to companies is more-so expertise than capital.

Some venture capital firms end their close relations with a company upon capital invested, for Oxford this is just the beginning of the relationship.

By assisting our operating partners with value add relationships, we add value and facilitate growth in our portfolio companies.

The Oxford Mentality

Oxford Investment Partners is a team that expands beyond our internal management and advisors. Our unique successes are based on our out of the box thinking synthesized with structured transparency. This transparency acts as an organic catalyst for open discussion while our deductive mindset acts as a check and balance to every idea and opportunity we come across. We are happy to share this set of systems with each partner who joins us.

The Oxford Mentality is a set of core beliefs and principles that define our actions. We strive to cultivate a culture of morality, ethics, and decency. These principles and moral codes intertwined with our rational thinking create a culture of profound excellence. We encourage our partners to be open-minded and to test the waters of our logic. This capstone set of principles allows us to foster the best opportunities in the world.

Let’s make something¬†great¬†together.