Oxford Investment Strategy

Oxford Investment Partners is a property investment and real estate development company. The company strategy is to attain assets that meet the following criteria:

Distressed Assets | Value Add Opportunity | Short Term Flip | Long Term Hold | Ground Up Construction

Oxford’s business model is based on a free and clear ownership model to mitigate risk and increase the yield of joint equity projects. We operate in large markets as well as niche markets and seek to take advantage of the opportunities in the ever changing market. Our network and connections allow for us to provide significant value add to our projects as well as our partnerships.
Our strategy is not impacted by the stock market and is limitedly impacted by the ebbs and flows of the real estate market. We avoid assuming debt or leverage by attaining high quality in-fill land that allows us to avoid the risks of land speculation and deal strictly with predictable growth in today’s market not assuming appreciation.

Our experience working with investors and other developers allows us to understand what both sides of our service chain require and we acquire assets accordingly. To make a solid investment one must meticulously plan and gather data to make an informed decision; our company believes that data should be the primary decision making factor in an investment, especially when the results tie directly to your personal wealth.