Joann Chebotareva

Since the inception of Oxford Investment Partners LLC, Ms. Chebotareva has worked with the Oxford executive team, our investors, and the companies in which Oxford invests. Joann utilizes empirically validated research to improve each arm of Oxford. She has an extensive graduate education and natural talent at connecting with others and helping them achieve success. Oxford is an Orange County-based real estate, venture capital, and private equity investment company. Joann’s hands-on approach to creating and leadership has led to her success, both at Oxford and in her own thriving private practice.

She is a visionary seeking new information; and boldly taking steps to create actionable plans for personal growth, the growth of the Oxford team, and Oxford’s valued partnerships. She believes in the power of enriching society one day at a time, by tending to details and people personally.

Ms. Chebotareva resides in Orange County, CA with her family. In her free time; she enjoys cooking vibrant healthy food for her friends and family, ashtanga yoga, sailing, and world travel.