Investors & Partners

Oxford Investment Partners is an established leader in venture capital and asset management. We are a reliable partner to many of the world’s top individual, semi-institutional, and institutional investors.

We have an ‘impact first’ approach to capital, carefully positioning our partner’s capital in sustainable projects with attractive exit strategies. By having a hands on investment approach we stimulate companies and better position them for long term growth.

Our ultimate goal is to support the global community by reinforcing entrepreneurship with conservative finance principles while working with communities to create new jobs.

Long-Term Returns & Capital Preservation

As an Oxford Partner you have a relationship with our entire firm.

Our collective experience and various backgrounds in operations, finance, technology, and management.

This allows us to deliver accelerated returns while preserving and growing capital over time.

Our Clients First

Aligning Oxford and client interests is a core principle of Oxford mentality.

Because we envision each and every one of our clients as partners, we create a collaborative environment for matching our partners’ goals with custom tailored strategies to achieve those goals.

This approach has built a high level of satisfaction with both old and new investment partners leading to repeat successes.

Due Dilligence

It is imperative that in any venture you come prepared with a solid game-plan. Our plan is based on a strict due diligence process that measures risk while analyzing the best markets for growth.

This disciplined process goes through the ins-and-outs of our portfolio companies and checks for any red flags and mishaps allowing us to move forward into further due diligence.

We have a skillful team that methodically tests different variables to see if a project, company, or deal is feasibly sound.

Let’s make something great together.